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what is wordpress- full guide for beginners

What Is Wordpress
  • Hello friends, today I am going to give you the basic knowledge about the WordPress.

don’t know the basic thing about WordPress it’s difficult to understand advance things. So read this full post

carefully. This is the first article of WordPress series. After, that I regularly update new content to know more about

WordPress. So its goods to start with the basic. So let’s get information about – What is WordPress?

WordPress guide


WordPress is a blog software which is very simple to create a blog or website. It is an open source network.

It is developed by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little in 2003. This is most popular all over the world to

create blog or website. Because it is a free and easy to handle. Also, provides various features to users. This is a

powerful bogging and website CMS ( Content Management System ) tool. The Internet only shows you the front

page of the website, it can’t show programing language which is in the back end. This system is called Content

Management System. Which all hosting company provides a free app to create a blog. By using this thousand of

blogs/websites will be created. WordPress is the largest self-hosted tool nowadays.


WordPress consist of :

WordPress.com is a fully hosted platform. Means user do not need to buy any hosting from hosting provider

company. All maintenance handled by WordPress team.


WordPress.org is a self-hosted platform. Users need to buy hosting, install WordPress all maintenance is his



In next post, I will explain you different in WordPress.com and WordPress.org in details and also explain which is

the best platform for blogger. Most of the people use WordPress.org to create a blog. For this you need to buy

hosting from Bluehost.comNamecheap.comhostgator.com, godaddy.com all of these are famous hosting provider

company. WordPress is the famous web software tool now a day. Almost 27% websites/blog create on this platform

over the world on the internet. This software fully based on PHP and MySQL. We can easily write, post, save, delete

our content in Word Press.


PHP – PHP is a programming language. PHP stands Pre-Hypertext Programing Language.

This also uses In HTML.

MySQL– MySQL is a database system. What we images or contents use in Word Press that can be obviously stored

in some folder. And this information stored in a folder that folder is a storage database.


Features Of WordPress

1. Plugins– Plugin is a type of software which is created by programming. It is developed in a PHP programming

language. We can add a plugin to our blog to increase the features and importance of our blog. Like we can add

SEO types of plugins. Which increase the searches of our website in search engine. We can install it according to

our requirements. This is in PHP language and eases to install and activate.


2. Themes Theme is a collection of interrelated files, which work together and generate a graphical result, this

interrelated files also known as the template. In WordPress theme .php, .css mostly used. Whenever you

upload a theme your blog/website shows different. You can use any theme as you want.

Responsive theme- This is also a theme but it is an advanced theme. This theme fits any device like mobile, tablet,

computer and shows content properly. By this readers read it easily.


3. SEO Friendly Permalink This is used to set up the URL of any post. You can also show your blog URL in

different types. This feature is not available in blogger.


4. Multiple Author You can also invite other people to write and post content on your blog/website, by creating

them an account. But they don’t have any other access, you are the admin and you can also set the limit of them.

For that, they can’t change any settings of your blog.


Hope, you all understand the basic things about Word Press.  And some features about this. Share this Post with your friend and if you have query feel free to comment…

Thank you…

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