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What Is SEO? Types Of SEO- Every Blogger Must Know

What Is SEO

Every blogger should know the basic knowledge of what is SEO. Without knowing SEO you can’t get organic and

quality traffic from search engine. So in this post, I m telling you details about what is SEO? Why SEO needs for

the blog? Types of SEO?

All blog or websites are depended upon SEO. If you don’t know what is SEO then you can’t get benefits from the

blog and it also affects your AdSense earning. Because without SEO your website not shown on top of search


Your blog or website must have user-friendly to get more visitors.


what is seo? types of seo



SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. Seo is the process of changing the ranking of your blog or website

in search engine results. In simple words, it is the procedure of optimizing the site to get more traffic to your website

from search engine. By this, you can get free, organic and natural traffic on your website. Think if your website rank

on the first position then you get more traffic but you need to do SEO for this.


Google, Bing, Yahoo all search engine shows every content which is posted by Publisher and this is in millions.

Earlier very few website or blog available on the internet but today’s era every person use the internet. That’s why

there are billions of website and blog exist on the internet.


But search engine shows only those posted on the first rank which is search engine friendly. Means which is based

on search engine optimization.



If you are in online business then you must have more visitors, more customers, and more traffic. Google, Yahoo,

Bing all search engine plays an important role to drive more traffic. Without this factor, it’s very hard to succeed in

online business.


Now a day most of the people use the internet and for any query, they search on the internet. If your website shows

the first rank then you get more visitors it’s helpful for your business. If your website or blog, not SEO friendly then

it hard to show in the first rank on Google or any other search engine, its direct effect on your blog ranking and

earning as well.


Now, you should follow the SEO to drive more traffic from search engine. Means search engine optimization is

important to your site



Basically SEO has two types

On page seo

Off page seo


what is seo? types of seo


On page SEO is the activities performed on website or blog to get relevant, organic and natural traffic from search

engine results. In on page SEO, you can customize the website according to Google to read it easily, attract more

users and rank on the first position. Let’s discuss which factors include in on page SEO.




1. Title tag:

Title is the most important factor to rank any website. If you optimize your title you get better results. The length of

the title is not more than 40 to 60 words. Place your main keyword on title at least one time. Remember do not

repeat the same keyword on title tag because Google considers it as a spam.


2. Meta description:

Meta description is used to describe the Google or any other search engine in which subject our website based on

like food, travel, etc.


The length of the meta description is not more than 140-160 words because Google does not read more except this.

Always use synonyms words in the meta description and your main keywords.


3. Keyword density:

Keyword density is also performed the main role. Keyword density means how many times your keywords repeats

on your content. The average keyword density is 2.5%.


4. Image Alt tag:

Most of the people don’t know Google cannot read images. Alt tag is used to define what type and which images

are this. For example, if you place a photo of orange on your blog or website but and you can’t define it then Google

enable to read it. And if you used alt tag then Google read which image is this.


5. URL:

Url consist of two type static and dynamic. URL link helps to improve your post ranking. The URL link to post easily

understandable by Google on which topics your post relates.


6. Canonical tag:

The canonical tag is very important for the blogger. Duplicate content is automatically created in website or blog.

Duplicate content creates because o the same category, comment etc and it directly effect on ranking of blog post on

search engine and website get low traffic from search engine.


If blogger used a canonical link tag then it does not index the duplicate content on site and index the original content

by using this it increases the ranking of the blog post. And increase the rank in the search engine as well.


7. Heading tag:

Heading tag consists of 6 part “h1 to h6”. H1 is the main tag because it helps to know the what type of post is this.

Always use the main keyword in your h1 tag. Remember h1 tag use only one time for each post it cannot be

repeated in the single post.


8. Content:

Content is always mattered for ranking of website or blog in search engine. Try to write the quality, unique and rich

content for your post. Do not copy the content from another blog otherwise Google consider it as a spam.


9. Website speed:

If your website takes more than 10 sec then it is harmful to your ranking and you need to improve it. Your

website will be open at least 1 to 5 sec.


If you use heavy images, big javascript or lots of WordPress plugin then website speed becomes slow. You need to

compress the images, short java code and used only a required plugin.




Off page seo is the technique to get more backlinks from various website to improve the ranking of blog or website.

If your website has more quality backlinks than Google consider your website as a better and it help to improve the

rank. Let’s discuss which factor in off page SEO.


1. Social media signals:

We all know the capabilities of social media network. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn are the

popular social networking sites. Engage your customers, visitors on multiple social platforms. Post your blog

regularly on this sites, it will help to grow your business and help to get more quality backlinks as well.


2. Guest post:

Guest post is the writing and publishing the articles on another website or blog. It is the method of to increase the

blog traffic by submitting the post on another blog. Find out your niche related blog and post your content, this is

the best way to create quality backlinks.


3. Web 2.0 backlinks:

Web 2.0 site is basically a blogging platform also it including a social media networking sites, blogging sites, video

sharing sites, hosted service, web application platform. All these sites are user-friendly. You can create the account

on this site and post your contents.


Create the account with your main keyword names post the articles, you get backlinks from this. WordPress.com,

 blogger.comwix.comtumblr.comweebly.com etc are the popular web 2.0 sites.


4. Social bookmarking sites:

Social bookmarking is the method which allows internet users to add, edit, organize, search, manage and share

bookmarks to web pages or documents.


The social bookmarking site is the best platform to promote the website or blog and drive more traffic. When you

bookmark your blog on the social bookmarking website is beneficial for website ranking and to gain more visitors

www.StumbleUpon.comwww.digg.comwww.delicious.com etc are the best social bookmarking sites.


5. Question and Answer:

Quora, Yahoo answer, blurtit etc are the best site to participate in giving an answer to peoples questions. Search the

questions related your blog and give them proper answer to these questions. This is the best way to get more traffic

on website or blog. Also, place a link to your blog it will help you to bring more visitors.


6. Blog commenting:

Find out popular blogs which have more traffic related to your topic. Appreciate his work, give them any suggestions

according to your point of view and give a link to your blog. It helps to get referral traffic and strong backlinks as



7. Image submission:

Image submission is another best way to promote your business. Share your images on popular image submission

sites. Use a correct title tag, correct URL, description and tags before submitting the images.


Flickr, Instagram, picasa.google, imgur, tumblr, shutterfly, fotolog are the best images submission sites.


8) Infographics submission:

Infographic is the best way to give information in a graphical format. It is designed in a simple format to understand

anyone easily.


Now a day Infographic is more popular on the internet. Submit your infographic in Infographic submission websites

and give a link to your website or blog. Visual.ly, reddit.com/Infographic, nerdgraph etc are the popular

Infographic submission sites.


9. Video submission:

Video submission is the best way to create strong backlinks because video sharing website has high page rank.

Make your own videos, give the proper title, description, tags and referral link and submit it to video sharing sites.

Youtube, dailymotion, vimeo, vine.co, hulu etc are the best video submission sites.


10. Directory submission:

Directory submission is the process of submitting your website to various directories or database under the correct

category and subcategory.


Directory submission is the best way to get quality backlinks. When you submit the webpage in directory submission

the site takes the time to approve but these results stand over a long period. Boingboing.net, dmoz, technaroti,

elecdir is one of the best directory submission sites.


This is the main and important factors in on page SEO and off page SEO. You must know all methods to improve

your website or blog ranking on SERP. In this topic, I cover what is SEO and its types. If you know any other

methods or technique then please comment.

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