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What Are Backlinks In SEO? And Why It Is Important

What Is Backlinks In SEO

Hello Friends, I am going to tell you about what are Backlinks and why it is important for our blog. Backlinks in SEO are the most important factor for bringing our website or blog into the Google search engine. If you want to know about backlinks or have some doubt, then this post is completed so that you can get more help to understand backlinks.

What Is Backlinks In SEO


Backlinks are used in search engine optimization and backlinks are very important to get a better result from search engines. Those new bloggers do not have much information about backlinks. Because of this, even their post content is good and unique it is not possible to rank in the search engine. To be successful in blogging, you need to get good traffic from the search engine. And to get good traffic from search engines, you need backlinks.
The more your blog’s backlinks, the faster your blog will rank in the search engine. So in this post, I am going to tell you about the backlinks in the details. Even if there is any doubt, you can ask me by commenting.

I wrote a post about BLOG SEO, please read it so that you can understand what SEO is and what is important to the blog for it. So what is backlinks, how does the search ranking increase, and why it is important for our blogs, we will discuss this and all your doubts will be clear.

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Backlinks is the link that comes to your site from a remote(another) site. When a link to a web page connects with the link to another web page, we call it backlink. In simple language, if there is a popular wordpress blog, and more than 1000 visitors come to it every day, then if there is a link to your blog in any of their posts then their visitors will click on that link and come to your blog. This will also increase visitors to your sites and your blog’s ranking will also increase. This is called Backlink.

Perhaps you might have already understood what the backlink is. So it is very important for you to understand some of the terms related to backlinks. Please read these terms carefully so that there is no confusion in your mind.

Internal link: This is the link when we add a link to a post or page of our own page in our second post.

External Links: These are links that we link to another site in our blog post.

Link Juice: When we hyperlink the post or page of a website, Google bots follow those links and pass that link juice. These link juice help in improving the ranking of the article and the DomiAm Authority.

Anchor Text: These are the links when we highlight a specific word and visitors click on that word to visit in another post.

Low-quality link: When a link is coming from your website with incorrect, spam sites, porn sites. Such links can damage your website. So whenever you were making a backlink from a website, keep in mind that links to your blog should be linked to high-quality links.

High-quality link: High-quality backlinks can be found on popular sites which are already ranking on Google and the domain authority and page authority are high. This will also increase the ranking of your website.


There are two types of backlinks in SEO
let’s discuss in details

Do-follow link
I have told you about the link juice above. Do follow backlink helps in passing the link juice which is the way to go from one website to another It is called do follow link. Whatever links you give to another website, they are default as do follow links. Do follow links help your site increase search engine rankings. Do not have any attribute in the do-follow link.

There is a site ctmtechnical.com.

Backlink structure is <a href=”http://www.ctmtechnical.com”>ctmtechnical.com.</a>

I gave do follow backlink to this website.

No-follow link
No-follow backlink does not pass the link juice from one website to another. No-Follow Link’s Search Engine Has No Value. No-follow link does not help to rank your site. But no-follow backlink is somewhat beneficial for your site, it gives natural looks to your site. If you want to give backlink any other website but Google does not follow it then you can use the no-follow attribute.

<a href=”yoursitename.com” rel=”no-follow”> Link Text </a>

In this post, I have given you information about what is backlinks in SEO and its importance. Even if you have some doubt, you can comment below.

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