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what is share market? how to make money from share market

what is share market

Every person wants to invest their money to get more profit, that’s why some people deposited money in the bank, in Ponzi scheme, and in various companies because everyone seems to earn good amount of money monthly. If you also looking any platform to invest money so you get knowledge about share market. You can earn in lakhs at home by doing share marketing. But before to take any step you have knowledge about share market. Experience is most important factors in this field, more experience gets you more money. So let’s start “how to make money in share market”.

what is share market

What is share market? How to earn money in share marketing? How to invest and get profit in share market? All these factors we are discussing in this post. So read this full post carefully to know more details.

What is share market- How to make money in share marketing

Many people earn money over the internet like doing blogging, online work, youtube videos similarly share marketing is also an online field to make more money at home by just investing. There is no loss factor who make money on the internet but in share market or stock market the risk is high to loose if you don’t have experience and knowledge.

To invest in share market we have to wait for a right time. You can earn in lakhs if share market price goes high but if you are investing in wrong time and price goes decreases you may in big losses. Because of this, it is risky but in online work on the internet is not.

What is share market

Before I am telling what is share market we have to know what is share. Share is a small part, in other words, a share is those parts into which company capital is divided by company owner to sell and get more profit. You can percentage partner of those company which and how many shares you buy. You can buy share online.
In a simple definition, the place where to buy and sell share is a share market. It is also known stock exchange key.
For example, if you buy a share of any company at 20% then you are a partner of this company similarly in profit and in the loss.

From where buy to share?

Open Demat Trading Account to buy a share. To open this account bank, company or brokers will help you. Some software also provides to open this account just download an online software and create your account.

Working time of share market

Share market works on 5 days of the week (Monday to Friday). In India, the working time is from morning 09:15 AM to 13:30 PM. There is only two stock exchange in India.
2 stock exchange in India

NSE- National Stock Exchange
• BSE- Bombay Stock Exchange

This is the easy way to buy a share but you can purchase a share in 3 methods.

1. Buy online
2. Consult your broker
3. Purchase through Indian Public Offering (IPO)

How to make money in share market


what is share market

The simple method to make money in share market purchases a share at a right time on low price and sell it when the price goes high. Always remember when you are new in share market try to buy a small share at a low price and when you get experience go ahead. Do not purchase high price share at a time it avoids high risk.

How to buy share

How to buy a share via online or by the broker? What is the proper way to buy a share? You have knowledge of this before investing. You have to also use common sense before purchasing any share.
This is not difficult task to decide which time is best to buy a share, this all depends upon you. You have to full information before buying any share. Without any knowledge, you may be in loss also.

It is the market of that type which always rates of share gradually increases and decreases. So always buy a share at a low price and sell it when price increase. Before that get knowledge about the high and low rate of share. You are all responsible when you are in loss or in profit.

Tip: purchase a share at a low price and sell it when the price goes high. It is the only simple rule of share market.
This is a simple method but for this also you have to get knowledge and time to spend for collecting the information. If one your decision goes wrong it may be a big loss for you and loose all your money.

Note: If you buy a share at morning time then you have to sell it till evening or have to make payment. This is the rule of share market.

Some important points to make money in share market

Hope all you know about what is share market and how to earn money in share market. Now I am telling you some useful and helpful points remember this points always. In this platform, people make lots of money but also high risk is there. So do not invest without proper information.

          1. If you want to make more profit and low risk in the stock market then firstly analyze the companies results                     and balance sheets. Get information about market regularly, watch stock market business related tv                                 shows and read the newspaper daily.

          2. After getting all information and you thought you are ready to invest then go ahead and start the work.

          3. First, select 3 to 4 companies and invest in a small amount and increase your level step by step after                               you master in this field. But do not waste your money at starting stage.

          4. You need a computer and good internet speed for this work because you have to check the price of share                     regularly. And you would to buy a share at a low price and sell at a high rate.

          5. Many people buy a share at a low rate and do not sell it, they thought the price goes always high this type of                   strategy may lose you.

         6. The only way to make more profit always online and stay eye on stock market rates this helps you. Always                 remember this think if you don’t want to loose your money.

You are responsible if you invest in share market and any type of loss or profit. This post is only for providing information.


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