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Best 6 Android Apps Your Mobile Must Have 2017

Best Android Apps Mobile Must Have 2017

There are billion Android apps are already available on Google Play Store. The everyday new mobile app has been launched. But user admires only those apps which have unique features, user-friendly means easy to handle because they want to attract people with the new look. Today I discuss those type of app which has something new and exciting features that recently launch (2017). I am sure many of you don’t know about this app which now we discussing or only a few familiar with this.
So let’s explore.

1) pocket sense-

This is basically anti-theft protection app. Pocket sense is different from any other anti-theft app. The app has different modes.

Pocket sense mode: When you enabling this mode your device protected by pick-pocketed. It alerts you because of its proximity sensor. The proximity sensor is used to detect the available light in the surrounding. The volume intensity can be changed from setting menu of the app.
Charge sense mode: When your device is in charging mode and someone removes your device the app will alert you by blaring loud noise. By this way, you know someone unplugged your device.
Motion sense mode: By enabling this mode if someone places your device from one place to another it gets alert.

2) The learning lock-


This app gives you extra security to your device. You can add pattern and passcode to unlock your device. This app reads your pattern and if it is suspicious then it is asking for a passcode, so it is more secure than other. This app gives you high-level security.



3) Walls for Reddit-


This is a very good app for artist or craters. This app has great artistic Wallpaper. You can choose different wallpaper from a different category. And all the pictures from this app are high resolution. It looks good when you set every day different wallpapers.



4) Keepvid-

It is a video downloader app with a simple interface. You can use this app to download video from YouTube, Dailymotion and lots of other websites as well. To download just open the app and search the video and press right corner button to download. It has a different type of resolution available to download video and also from this you can download audio files associated with the video. It is a very good app, try it once. If you have URL for any video then paste and start the download.



5) Backdrop-


This app gives you high-resolution wallpaper to your device. And its best part is it adds new wallpaper every day. You can use any wallpaper as u like with a favorite option when you want to set next time no need to search just go to the favorite tab and set it.



6) Realtime subscriber count-


This app is very useful for youtube. They might look their subscriber every time on a channel that they get. Generally, they go youtube account to check, this app gives you widget so that you can always have update subscriber count to the home screen.



Try these best android apps on your device use it for better experience and comment on our post if you have any question or query.
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