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8 best advertising program to make money from blog

8 best advertising program to make money from blog

If you are new in a blogging or want to start the career in blogging this post is very useful for you. There are more ways to earn money from websites or blogs, but owner mostly prefers Affiliate Marketing and Advertising Program to make money through the website. If you have already a blog or website and high traffic on your site and want to monetize it and looking for best ad network this post helps you. Today I am telling you 8 best advertising program to make money from your website or blog.

Mostly blogger can earn money through affiliate marketing but after that Google AdSense is the best way to earn money. Every blogger non-blogger know this, Only Google AdSense is not one advertising problem there is also another program called as AdSense Alternative.
Google AdSense is the best source of income for most blogger. But there are times when blogger choose others advertising program because

1. When AdSense account not approved

2. When you think AdSense get low CPC and want to try another advertising program

3. Your account is disabled

4. Your account is banned for any reasons

Whatever the reason, there is some alternative program you should use for future after reading this post.
In this post, I am giving you information about Google AdSense and other advertising programs. So let’s continue.

8 best advertising program to make money from your website

1. Google AdSense


8 best advertising program to make money from blog


Google AdSense is the free service provided by Google. This is the most popular advertising program over the world. Adsense is also more trusted network as any other program because of his Google ad network service. You place HTML code on your website to show the ad and they pay you a percentage of the revenue each time when users click on this ads. Only 3 ads allow to show you on each page according to AdSense policy.

But before to start you have to get approved from Google AdSense. It is not simple as it because the AdSense term and conditions are hard to any other advertising network. One of your mistakes may disabled or suspended your account, so be careful and follow all guidelines precisely which is provided by Google AdSense.

                                                                            • Minimum Traffic: None
                                                                            • Ad Type: Text, display, videos, GIF
                                                                            • Minimum Payout: $100
                                                                            • Payment Methods: Check, EFT, wire transfer, Western Union
Quick cash, EFT via Single Euro Payment Area(SEPA)


2. Media.net


8 best advertising program to make money from blog


Media.net is the second largest contextual advertising network platform after Google AdSense. This is ad network of yahoo and bing which is most popular for blogger and webmaster. Media.net support only English and it has low CPC rate as compares to AdSense.

But if your AdSense account is suspended or disabled for any purpose media.net suggest you make revenue if your blog. You should also get approved for this similarly to Google AdSense approved but this process and policy are easier more than Google AdSense.

                                                                                 • Minimum Traffic: None
                                                                                 • Minimum Payout: $100
                                                                                 • Payment Methods: Paypal, EFT


3. Infoliks


8 best advertising program to make money from blog


Infolinks is the popular in-text ad network. You can use this with Google AdSense. Infolinks offers various type of advertisement. You can place ad according to you, but this in-text link ad system is the best part.

Infolinks does not offer contextual ads as Google AdSense. This provides 4 types of ads intex, intag, inframe and infold. You can place this ad easily on your blog. The most important features are you can use this with Google AdSense and earn extra income with this.

                                                                             • Minimum Traffic: None
                                                                             • Minimum Payout: $50
                                                                             • Payment Methods: Paypal, e-check, Western Union


4. Chitika


8 best advertising program tomake money from blog


Chitika is another alternative ad network that serves contextual ads and offers CPC program. The most excellent part in Chitika is this offers relevant ads that you get more revenue and clicks. Recently over 3,00,000 or more Publishers on its network and serve over 4 billion ads per month. This is one of the largest ad networks.

You can customize Chitika ads text color, URL color and border color according to your blog format. If you don’t have approved Adsense account then Chitika is the best option. But it has low CPC as Google AdSense and media.net.

                                                                          • Minimum Traffic: None
                                                                          • Minimum Payout: $10
                                                                          • Payment Methods: Paypal, check


5. Amazon Advertising Program


8 best advertising program to make money from blog


Only few blogger is familiar with this program. Amazon Ad network is best for those bloggers whose site is based upon shopping. Amazon also offers ad network with Amazon affiliate program.

                                                                           Amazon Associates
                                                                           Amazon Advertising

Amazon offers mainly four types of ads Native shopping ads, recommend ads, search ads and custom ads. If your website traffic from US and UK then this is very beneficial for your blog to make more income.

Both this network is best and useful for the shopping site. Amazon ad network gives 4% commission on any purchase. Means if any user purchases a product of $100 from your affiliate link then you get commission $4 and if users buy $1000 then you get $40.

Amazon ad network is not famous earlier but now its fine as well and most bloggers use it. Amazon ad network has not CPC program because it all depends on the commission that is why users admire it. You always get 4% commission or more but not less.


6. Bidvertiser


8 best advertising program to make money from blog


Bidvertiser is an ad network with an interesting monetization model. If you want to show ads on your website in less time then Bidvertiser is best because your account will be approved quickly. You can place text ads or display ads directly or earn commission from Bidvertiser referral program.

Bidvertiser offers multiple ads format including banners, skyscrapers, rectangles and mobile. The publisher also earns additional revenue with ad clicks and click leads to sales for Bidvertiser.

                                                                               • Minimum Traffic: None
                                                                               • Minimum Payout: $10
                                                                               • Payment Methods: Paypal


7. RevenueHits


8 best advertising program to make money from blog


RevenueHits uses contextual ad serving technology to deliver better revenue for their publishers. It serves over 2 billions ad impression each day. The best features are that it gives quick approval when signing up. When users do any reaction on your blog publisher get money.

RevenueHits support 8 types of format: banner, popunder, slider, shadow box, top banner, button ads, interestitial, footer. RevenueHits support different format for desktop and mobile device. It has good team support for any query. RevenueHits has great CPM rate than another ad network.

                                                                         • Minimum Traffic: None
                                                                         • Minimum Payout: $20
                                                                         • Payment Methods: PayPal, wire transfer


8. Adnow


8 best advertising program to make money from blog


Adnow is the native advertising network program. You can increase your website or blog traffic along with earn money. Adnow use over 107 countries and 1700+ activated advertiser. It serve over 2,00,00,00,000 daily ads impression with 1,50,000 publishers. If your website has more traffic and wants to promote it you must try Adnow.

You can earn money with promoting your websites. In adnow, you can place your ads in a different format depending upon blog category. Ad text, link can be changed according to your format. YOU can use this ad network with Google AdSense advertising network also as well.

This is the 8 best advertising program, you can earn money through website or blog by applying this. If your AdSense account is disabled, yet not approved or Google block your site for any reason then this advertising program helps you to continue your earning.


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