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7 best WordPress Plugins For Blog 2017

Top Wordpress Plugins 2017

Hello, friends welcome to our new posts in the best WordPress plugins for blog 2017. WordPress is a good option for the new bloggers. WordPress is an open source CMS software and easy to handle. WordPress has great features that make bloggers easy to customize them.

If your blog is made in WordPress or if you are thinking of creating a new blog then you should know that which plugins we install on our blog so that our blog’s features and rankings are good.

Top WordPress Plugins 2017

If you want more information about WordPress, then I have written a post on it. So today in this post I am telling you about the top plugin if you do not have it on your sites, then you install it immediately.

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1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO plugin is the most commonly used plugin. It will SEO your blog completely. With this plugin, you can easily rank your website in google SERP. In this, you can fully analyze your posts. If you are a new blogger then you must use these plugins. This title, description, meta tag of your post makes it easy to tell everything that it lacks. By using it you can write a good SEO friendly article and find the better result

2. Akismet

Whenever you post something, the chances of getting a spam comment go up significantly. They either manually or sometimes even automate. It makes a difference in your website ranking and can also be penalized.

So to avoid these things, Akismet is a very good plugin for every blog. This avoids spam comments on your blog and gives a good result.

3. contact form 7

If you want to make your blog more attractive then you have to use this plugin. With Contact Form 7, you can add a easily contact form to a WordPress blog. This is very useful for any blog.

4. wp smush

If your website has more images then the speed of the website decreases. These plugins compress your images of your website and your blog’s ranking increases. Initially, there are fewer images on your website but as soon as you post contents, the image increases and its speed is affected. It compresses the images and also helps in SEO.

5. wp fastest cache

As you insert content, the cache and unnecessary data are created on the blog. This also affects the ranking of your website. WP fastest cache plugin cleans cache and unnecessary data and increases speed. Every blogger should use it so that the blog can perform well.

6. Wordfence security

It’s a good plugin to keep your WordPress website safe. This provides security for your site. all blogger must install the wordfence security plugin.

WordPress is an open source software, so much more chances are hacked, these plugins avoid hackers to your site and erase it by finding the smallest error.

7. Social icon

Every blogger thinks that more and more people read and share their posts. But not everyone can post it by copying.
Therefore, by using the Social Icons plugin Visitors can share your posts in just one click on each of their social sites. This is a good plugin and it gives a good look at your website.

So in this post, I tell you what the top WordPress plugin 2017 is and what they use. So you also install these plugins and make your blog even better. If you like the post, then share it with as much as possible, also you can tell some
suggestions related to this post.

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