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20 best websites every internet users must know

20 best websites every internet user must know

20 useful websites every internet user must know

There are thousand, lakhs, crore websites available on the internet. But all of this is not useful for us. Only a few websites are useful and helpful for us. Today I am going to tell you 20 immensely useful and helpful websites. These 20 websites lists are useful for every internet users and by using this websites or blogs anyone can get valuable information. You can get good information by using these websites that 100’s of websites are not provided. You can do all your online works and also solve you some problems to use this.

20 best websites every internet user must know


What every internet users wants ? That every site provides right and true information. When you engage with this you get valuable information that millions of websites does not give you. This helps you to fulfill are your online works.

20 useful websites every internet users must know

In this section we are discussing 20 useful and helpful websites, so coming directly to the topic. This is 20 useful websites lists.
20 useful websites lists: 

1. Kiddle This is a visual search engine for kids developed by Google. This website gives information about kids related topics. It creates only for children. Offering safe kids web, images, videos searches.

2. Paperrater : This website is very useful for students. Students can write articles, essay and check their scores or grade also find spelling and grammatical mistakes. Simply copy the contents paste it and click on GET REPORT.

3. Duck duck go : This is basically a search engine. Which does not track your any type of activities, history and cache. Mean you can do private browsing by using this site.

4. Google Translate : This is online translator tool developed by Google in 2006. You can translate your words more than 103 languages. It also supports text, images, speech. Available in Mobile App also for Android and iOS both.

5. Polishmywriting : This is another site which is helpful for students, blogger, contents writer. This site help to identify your spelling and grammar mistakes. Just compose or paste contents and click check writing you will get the result.

6. Privnote : You can send anyone private note by using this site. And this note will self-destruct after reading it by the recipient. You can do private chat with your friends, family members or any person. Just write a note and you’ll get a link send it via mail.

7. Mathway : This website is used to solve any type of mathematical problem. You can solve any math question in this. All mathematical characters keywords are available here. You can also see step wise answers.

8. Gifyoutube : This website helps to convert videos into GIF Animation Images. You can convert youtube videos into GIF.

9. Google History : You can check your history date wise which you search on Google. It also shows how many items you search and if want to deleted it you will.

10. Ninite : Downloads all the required software web browser, messaging, media etc at the same time by this site. It downloads and installs program automatically in the background.

11. Smallpdf You can get all the information about pdf files in this site. This site provides to users convert all pdf files into ppt, pdf into excel, pdf into jpg and much more.

12. Duolingo : This is an online language learning platform. You can learn any language Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Hindi and much more with free of cost. Available in App also on Android, iOS and Windows.

13. Oldversion : You can get all software and Apps in their old version. The software and Apps updated regularly are not users friendly with a new version, this website help to download the old version if any software.

14. Disposable webpage : You can create a temporary webpage on this site. It deleted automatically after some days which page you create on this website.

15. Camelcamelcamel : This site is very useful for those peoples who like to shopping online or who shop online regularly. This site alerts you when price drop of any items on Amazon. Simply create an account on this site and get updated on e-commerce site.

16. Wetransfer : This website is used to send large files anywhere in the world. If you want to send a big file to any users this site is helpful for you. It supports up to 20GB to transfer or send files. Available on App also for iOS and Android.

17. Appinventor : This site provides a platform to create an Android App without any coding knowledge. Go to the website click on create app follow the steps and make your best Android application.

18. Pixlr : This is a popular photo editor online tool. You can edit any type of photo by using this similarly to               Photoshop.

19. Gutenberg :If anyone hobby is reading various types of the book this site is definitely useful for them. In this             site almost 50,000 eBooks are available, you will download and read it.

20. Skiplagged :This website is helpful for those who travel regularly from one city to another. This is an airfare             search engine for cheap flight including hidden city to nearest date.

All these 20 websites as I mentioned above is very useful and helpful for everyone, hope you like this lists of mine, try all this and feel the better experience. If you like this information feel free to comment.


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